Bring your Flat Screen LCD/LED or Plasma TV in for a "Free Estimate"     No upfront charge or deposit for any LCD, LED, or Plasma     Fix your TV don't throw it away     TV's aren't throw-away electronics !       Most TV's can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one    
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Free Estimates to repair your TV  (LCD/LED/Plasma)
                                                      Does It Cost Much To Fix It?

    Does it cost much to fix it?  It depends....  At the Sound Track, we repair boards down to component level in nearly all cases, that way we only replace the part or parts that are defective, not a whole board.  We use better Parts then the manufacturer did when the TV was built in most cases.   TV's shouldn't be thought of as throw away items,  or " I didn't think anyone repaired TVs anymore"   

    Most repairs can be accomplished with a very reasonable labor and part cost, and by repairing to component level, the customer usually is surprised how economical the repair will end up costing them.  With this, customers get many more years of enjoyment out of the set.  Or the customer can upgrade to a new set, and use this as a second or third set in the house.

   A TV set is a very complex electronic piece of equipment, one of the most complex in the consumer market.   It takes good tools, equipment, training, knowledge and experience to repair a LCD/LED or Plasma, down to component level.  We pride ourselves on giving the best service and making the decision to fix or not to fix, an easy one.

   You have nothing to lose if you bring your LCD/LED or Plasma into the Sound Track.  We give a free estimate, and do not require a deposit on your LCD/LED or Plasma TV. 

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