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        These are just a few of the symptoms that we encounter when repairing your TV Set.  If you have no backlight,  we can rebuild your Backlights, whether CCFL Bulbs, to LED strips, or individual LEDs. 
       This Symptom can be a defect from the Power Supply to the Main Board, and rarely it could be the panel display itself.   We have the capability to repair your Main Board if this is the problem.  We stock hundreds of parts that can repair your power supply, should that be the failure.  We have Hot Air equipment, if your main board just needs a Reflow/Resolder procedure.  We can take care of the problem for you. 
TV does Not Turn on by Remote or the Buttons, or The status led on the front of the TV
Changes but you have No Sound, No Picture?
       This is another Common Symptom that we repair routinely here at The Sound Track.  Again, this could be caused by any board in the TV set.  Many boards/circuits rely on each other to run, communicate, or carry out commands from other boards in the set. 

       Narrowing down which board is actually exhibiting the failure, then removing and replacing the defective component is a complicated process.  We have a very high success rate on repairing to component level.  Occasionally if the part is on back order, or the defective section of the TV was damaged by lightning or a power surge, then we might replace the whole board.  This is usually a rare occurrence though.  We do this only when the TV Board/Circuit could become a reliability factor.  We might determine that it's best to replace the whole circuit board, because some other parts might have been overstressed when hit by lightning or a surge, and fail later down the road. Neither the customer, or the Sound Track wants to have the set come back in for "another" problem that showed up just months later.
Does your TV Turn on, show a picture for a couple seconds, then either lose picture or shut off?
       Does your TV exhibit Sound But no Picture?

         This is a common symptom/failure that we encounter on the bench. The primary issue is narrowing down which board is causing the defect, then which component has failed.  All the Boards in your TV can be the cause of this Symptom. At The Sound Track, we routinely test, localize and troubleshoot down to the exact part that has failed.  We don't throw boards at it hoping to fix it, we troubleshoot it, and then repair it for you.
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