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Here is one of the typical daily repairs we do here at the Sound Track shop:
         An LCD came into the shop dead, no indicator light, no sound or picture.  Testing with a meter determined
That the power supply had malfunctioned.  Along with a blown fuse , measurements revealed a dead short past the fuse,
on the input of the power supply primary circuit.
The Power Switching Mosfet was shorted, Resistor Open, Shorted Zener Diode, Switching Drive IC shorted, Leaky Driver Transistor, and a fast switching Diode other words, multiple parts were defective.
     Some shops would stop here and quote you for a power supply board.  At The Sound Track, we always attempt to replace parts down to component level.  This saves the customer money.  If the power board  needed to be ordered,  along with the a normal labor charge,  the price of the repair might have some customers decide to just replace the TV instead.
By replacing parts to the component level, the repair will be much cheaper then having to replace a whole board.  We installed "better" parts that were in the TV originally, increasing reliability.  The TV can now give many more years of use, and we can keep these TV's out of the landfill.....

It's Better to Repair then Replace !
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Drive IC flux applied to remove IC
IC Removed and board ready to clean
New parts installed and TV repaired
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